Lilongwe, Malawi


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Pride Out of Pain
September 2018

When God brings a miracle to Malawi, we call it partnership. This week we saw Felesta who lives in the peri-urban slum of Mgona. She was one of over 1600 patients the Mission Community Church medical team saw back in May. At that time she couldn’t walk and was having trouble breathing from a respiratory infection. Felesta said that she had been to local hospitals to be treated, but there was no medication.
Today, she is walking pain-free and able to do chores around her home with no problem. She is incredibly grateful to the ministry and to our partners. She is a living testimony to the goodness of God.



A Precious Gift
November 2017


Kondwani Sauli is one of the patients SCM takes care of through the ministry. This 31year old man lives in Kasakula with his widowed mother. Kondwani was born HIV positive, has epilepsy and had a stroke that affected the left side of his body. Since then the ministry has been assisting Kondwani with different types of relief: medication, food packs and patient transport so that he can visit the hospital on a regular, prescribed schedule. We thank God that he is now able to walk and meet with his fellow Support Group members for emotional support and friendship.

Today Kondwani expressed his happiness because through the vital spiritual support the ministry also offers, he has received a Bible. Kondwani said, “From all the support you give me, I’ve been lacking something in my life which was troubling me, and now I have this is Bible. Today you have given me a very precious gift which I will never forget in my life. This Bible will usher me into eternity.” He also said that he will be able to read on his own time and share the word of God to others. Thank you to SCM and its partners for this life giving, precious gift.